Christmas Carol'd Advertising Campaign
Photo by Kayla Williamson
The Non-Event: Ye Old Charles Dickens
The Event: A quirky and somewhat chaotic rendition of this classic tale of redemption.
Proposition: For no man is so far gone that he cannot be redeemed.
The door knockers are the book ends to the show. It starts with the door knocker turning into Marley's face as Scrooge enters his cold and lonely house. It ends with a semi-manic Scrooge rejoicing with the door knocker about his second chance. They're a symbol of invitation and redemption. Placing them around campus not only puts the show in front of new people's eyes, but also invites the audience to "Come in man, and know [the story of Scrooge] better!"
We partnered with the campus coffee shop to create "The Scrooge," a white mocha latte with toffeenut syrup with the shots affagoto (like a macchiato) because Scrooge is a man who is at first bitter, but once he realizes the error of his ways, he’s a sweet, caring guy, who may be a bit nutty too. We also printed 250 stickers with the show dates and times.
The design of the poster attempts to play off of the trunk show concept, but it's too busy for my taste. But the physical design is one of my favorites. I cut the edges so the color bleeds and used string to attach a swinging “wooden sign” announcing “Late Night With Scrooge” (the 10 p.m. show with free admission if you write two Christmas cards).
The trailer plays off of the first few lines of the show, “Marley was dead as a doornail.” It introduces the Players, or narrators, and shows off some of Marley’s costume. Unfortunately, the humor confused the audience as Marley breaks character to stop the Players’ bickering. The most effective part was the scenes from the play at the end of the extended trailer on Facebook.
Social Media
The gifs presented each of the ghosts and Scrooge in full costume doing something in character. The post included a quote and how to reserve seats. 
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